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ToneWood® & AcoustiShell™ by AVL Systems

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AVL’s Tonewood® and Acoustishell™  line of wood products offers ceiling and panels systems with the attractive look of natural wood with high-performance acoustics. These decorative wood wall and ceiling treatments ensure spaces are as ware and comfortable as home.


AVL’s ToneWood™ line of products offers panel systems with the attractive look of natural wood in addition to high-performance acoustics. These decorative wood wall and ceiling treatments ensure spaces are as warm and comfortable as home.

ToneWood™ is available in a variety of sizes, both standard and custom perforation patterns, and a wide selection of veneers and finishes. Choose between panels, planks, reflectors and specialty diffusers to meet your design style and acoustical requirements.

– Wood veneer, laminates and custom finish facings
– FSC certified materials available
– Optional black acoustical fleece backing
– Perforation size, configuration and selection of straight or compound
– Alternate simple mounting methods for additional absorption of low frequency sound energy
– Custom-printed digital imaging available
– Fully-concealed easy-to-install mounting hardware

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Redirect and back-scatter sound spatially and coherently to listeners while maintaining desirable reverberation times with AcoustiShell™ and AcoustiShell ArcWood™ Flat and Curvilinear Diffuser-Reflectors. These are the ideal wall and ceiling treatments where sound must be reflected without absorption or conversion of energy. The scattering of sound and early reflections by curved shapes improve musical and vocal clarity, volume, presence, and intelligibility while helping to provide a more intimate connection with performers.

AcoustiShell™ Curvilinear Diffuser-Reflectors are more durable than gypsum products, constructed of FRP composites, and are extremely rigid for low resonance. Options include standard white or custom color gel coats.


– Standard White Gel Coat or Custom Color Gel Coat
– Various Shapes & Curvatures
– Internal Dampening with Exclusive GeoMatrix Core
– Factory, Pre-Formed Shapes for Consistent and Uniform Appearance
– No On-Site Bowing Required
– Individual, Array or Canopy Installation
– Easy to Install with Fully-Concealed Mounting hardware included
– Sound Absorption with Optional AcousTech™ or TheaterBlack™ Backing