high-definition Metal PRINTS



Stunning High-Definition Resolution

Artistic Images offers the highest quality resolution and definition in the business! Artistic Image paleness create visually stunning pieces of art. We are able to produce rich vibrant colors unmatched by traditional print mediums. 

Custom Shapes & Sizes

Artistic Images offers the largest selection of standard sizes – up to 48”x96”! Custom cutouts and shapes are available through our in-house CNC machine. Perfect for one-of-a-kind focal points at feature walls or signage and way-finding for corporate clientele.


At Artistic Images we only print on high-quality domestically sourced aluminum. Our prints are the most scratch-resistant medium in the market today. They are weatherproof, waterproof, will not rust, and can be used in high humidity locations where traditional prints will fail. We even offer a proprietary finish for exterior signage or direct sunlight interior spaces.

Graffiti and Vandal Resistant

While no product is vandal-proof, Artistic Images panels are not affected by spray paint or permanent market whatsoever. Simply wipe clean with denatured alcohol without damaging your panel or its image.

Antimicrobial Properties

Infection control mitigation is on all of our minds these days. Metal is inherently antimicrobial. Traditional mediums of delivering art to walls are very difficult to clean and impossible to completely sanitize without damaging the print. Artistic Images panels can be completely sanitized by any disinfectant, even bleach or quat ammonia solutions will not damage Artistic Images. The healthcare facility’s daily terminal cleaning regimen has zero effect on our panels.