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Decoustics Claro® by CertainTeed 

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customizable Acoustical panels

Decoustics Claro Ceiling and Wall Panels are a high-performance and aesthetically pleasing solution for noise control and sound absorption, ideal for all commercial, high traffic spaces. These panels are made of fiberglass core that provides exceptional acoustic performance and can be highly customized to realize the most challenging design intent. Decoustics Claro panels feature a smooth and continuous finish that creates a sleek and modern look. Available in an unlimited range of custom colors and finishes, panels are made to suit any ceiling design, achieving a vast array of unique shapes, forms and sizes. One of the standout features of Decoustics Claro panels are their exceptional acoustic performance. They have an NRC rating of up to 0.90, which means they can effectively absorb and control sound in any environment, including conference rooms, restaurants, airports, and schools. They are designed to minimize sound reverberation and other noise-related issues, creating a more comfortable and productive space.

features & Benefits


ClearChem2 declaration for low VOC components that deliver Indoor Air Quality benefits. Stipple-textured finish resembles the look of drywall or plaster. NRC Up to 0.95


Custom color-matching to a specified paint chip. Custom sizes, shapes, forms, and curving capabilities. Maximum panel sizes: Up to 48″ x 96″ recommended with Decoustics Ceilencio® Larger sizes may be available with other installation systems

Ready to Install

Fully-engineered product delivered to site ready for installation. Ceiling application and wall application above head height


Available with a smooth surface and a smooth cleanable and disinfectable surface
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