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AVL Systems, Inc. specializes in decorative interior products for sound absorption, sound diffusion, sound reflection and noise control applications. AVL collaborates with Architects, Consultants and Designers throughout the world to create innovative and affordable sound control solutions for all types of projects and environments. Through these relationships, AVL Systems merges today’s acoustical performance and aesthetic design requirements with tomorrow’s technologies, catalyzing the continued creation of new and innovative AVL Systems’ Products.

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AcousTech™ Wall & Ceiling Panel

AcousTech™ Wall & Ceiling Panels are decorative, high-performance and highly customizable panels that are designed for both wall and ceiling applications. These panels are an extremely effective treatment for the control of excessive reverberation, noise and echoes that interfere with the intended use of your space. AcousTech™ panels are constructed from 6-7 PCF fiberglass board and then wrapped with a decorative fabric facing to complement your overall design and color palette, all while providing the highest sound absorption efficiency and performance.


AcoustiShell™ Curvilinear Diffuser-Reflectors are constructed of FRP composites, are extremely rigid for low resonance and are more durable than gypsum products. Internal dampening is standard on all FRP AcoustiShell™ with AVL’s exclusive GeoMatrix core, which prevents unwanted ringing and resonances that color sound and tone. Different shapes and curvatures are
available to provide various elements of diffusion and longitudinal back-scattering of sound energy as well as opportunities for various aesthetic designs. Canopied arrays and grouping by the installer may allow the acoustical consultant to design and achieve non-periodic responses and grouped sequencing.